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Merv Rating 15 Made in USA
Kills 99.98% of viruses on contact!

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Antimicrobial Filter


Orange Label (microbial filters) have been sprayed with additional anti-microbial spray to kill 99.98% of bacteria and viruses that cause upper respiratory infections. Benefits and features of Orange Label Excell Air Filters include:

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Allergen Filter



Like Orange Label air filters, Excell's Green Label air filters offers the exclusive benefits of "Breath Easy", Tackem and Sticky Oil technology.

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Eliminates all allergens, airborne particles and contaminates on contact; Pet hair & dander, Asbestos, Dust Mites,Dead skin cells, Dust/Dirt, Lead Paint dust, Mold & Fungi, Tobacco Smoke, Smog, Pollen, Ragweed.

About Us

The development of Excell air filters began when Todd wondered why no one had invented an air filter that eliminated cold and flu viruses. Watching his children suffer from recurring respiratory infections, Todd felt passionate about finding a way to kill pathogens and began working on preliminary designs for a unique air filter. With his background and knowledge in engineering, Todd eventually created Excell air filters, the first kind of air filter to eradicate cold and flu viruses.

Two models of Excel air filters exist—Allergen air filters and Antimicrobial air filters. Both help reduce the risk of infection by viruses and have become the #1 health conscious air filter on the market today. In fact, the U.S military and NASA has purchased the inner component of Excel filters and utilized its powerful cleaning ability...

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