About Us

About The Founder:

Twice an Iraq veteran, former NASCAR racing car driver, Pilot, engineering graduate of Ohio State University and now proud owner of Excell Air Filters, Todd Shafer is dedicated to providing his customers with remarkably effective custom air filters designed to purify the air in their homes. When Todd isn’t busy addressing customer concerns and satisfaction, he is giving his full attention to his wife and three children.

Our Mission:

We have many future goals we want to achieve but only one mission – to create healthier home environments for our customers concerned with recurring health issues due to contaminated air in their homes. We use our patented air filters supported by “Takem Sticky oil” patented technology to reduce allergens and household dusting, but also our Antimicrobial air filters have been proven to kill cold and flu viruses up to 99.98%. Being the only Antimicrobial filter in the market, we know a healthier home is possible with Excell Air Filters.

Why Excell Air Filters?

The development of Excell air filters began when Todd wondered why no one had invented an air filter that eliminated cold and flu viruses. Watching his children suffer from recurring respiratory infections, Todd felt passionate about finding a way to kill pathogens and began working on preliminary designs for a unique air filter. With his background and knowledge in engineering, Todd eventually created Excell Air Filters, the first kind of air filter to eradicate cold and flu viruses.

  • Two models of Excel air filters exist—Allergen air filters and Antimicrobial air filters. Both help reduce Allergens and household dust with Patented Tackem Sticky Oil, but the Microbial version helps to kill 99.98% of INFLUENZA A & B (COLD & FLU VIRUSES) and Airborne Respiratory Viruses on contact making it the #1 health conscious air filter on the market today. In fact, the U.S military and NASA has purchased the inner component of Excel filters and utilized its powerful cleaning ability to purify air inside tanks and keep dirt, dust and smoke from contaminating the air. They also use Excell filter material in breathing apparatuses and various space and military vehicles.

Excell air filters are the only commercial grade air filters designed for home and residential use and are available in many different sizes to accommodate your home’s air system dimensions. Excell Filter’s Merv Rating is 15 which means you now have medical grade air filtration! Start using Excell Air Filters to kill cold and flu viruses and reduce dust and other Allergen’s in your home.