3 Reasons Why Air Filters Are Life-Savers

3 Reasons Why Air Filters Are Life-Savers

Reliable, high-quality air filters can be the difference between a unhealthy house and a safe and comfortable home. Learn exactly how by clicking here.

Air Filters

Are you tired of sneezing when the pollen count is high? Do you hate when your kids suffer from allergies or the flu?

After watching our children suffer recurring respiratory infections, all we wanted was to make sure the air in our home was healthy. How hard could that be?

Well, we searched but couldn’t find an air filter made to stop cold and flu germs. Since we couldn’t find a health-conscious filter, we decided to build our own.

We made the Excell Antimicrobial Air Filter to kill Influenza A & B and other airborne respiratory viruses on contact. It traps irritants like pollen, pet dander, and dust that can irritate your eyes, lungs, and sinuses. We’re proud it can keep the air in your home clean and healthy.

Keep reading to see 3 reasons why air filters can be lifesavers.

1. Air Filters Stop Indoor Pollution

Most people think air pollution is caused by outdoor sources, like power plants, wildfires or traffic. But the air in your home can be contaminated.

The Environmental Protection Agency has scientific evidence that indicates air inside homes and other buildings can be more polluted than outdoor air.

How does that happen? Chemicals, pet dander, allergens, smoke, mold, viruses, and pollen can pollute the air in your house. These irritants can be concentrated at high levels and make you and your family ill.

That’s why we coat Excell filters with TACKEM®, our patented sticky oil, that traps allergens, germs and household dust before they enter your home. If you don’t breathe the pollutants they can’t make you sick.

2. Reduce Health Risks

Breathing dirty air can cause infections, or promote the development of a chronic lung disease. Allergens (dust, mold, and pollen) can give you chronic headaches, fatigue, and cold symptoms.

Did you know children breathe at a faster rate than adults? That makes them more susceptible to health risks caused by pollution. That’s worth considering when you choose an air filter.

If you share your home with an elderly relative with heart or lung disease or a weakened immune system, polluted air can cause additional health complications.

The American Lung Association suggests you keep out pollution and reduce health risks with these steps:

  1. Don’t allow smoking
  2. Test for radon
  3. Use an air conditioner or dehumidifier
  4. Repair water leaks
  5. Store food, cover trash, control pests
  6. Don’t cover smells; identify the cause and eliminate
  7. Use less toxic household and hobby products

After you follow this advice, we suggest you install Excell Antimicrobial Air Filters to kill Influenza A & B and other airborne viruses.

An antimicrobial air filter can reduce your family’s health risks by eliminating contact with germs.

3. #1 Health-Conscious Air Filters

You make healthy food and lifestyle choices to protect your family, right? Now you can choose the #1 health-conscious air filter for your home.

Here’s why Excell Antimicrobial Air Filters make your home healthier:

  • Reduce indoor pollution; improve air quality
  • Trap pet hair/dander, asbestos, dust mites, dead skin cells, dust, debris, lead paint dust, mold, smoke, smog, ragweed, pollen
  • Reduce allergens that cause health problems
  • Eliminate 99% of Influenza A & B and other airborne viruses
  • Antimicrobial coating protects vulnerable elders, children
  • Only antimicrobial air filter for residential use

Can an Air Filter be a Life-Saver?

If it prevents an asthma attack or wards off Influenza, then yes, it can.

The bottom line is filters can be the difference between an unhealthy house and a safe, comfortable home.

Now that you understand why our filters keep your family safe, we hope you’ll try them. If you have any questions, please contact us.